Trekking in Slovenia


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To mountain walkers, Slovenia is best known for the Julian Alps, but it has a lot more than that to offer, and the Slovene High-Level Route crosses some of the most varied and interesting landscapes to be found anywhere in Europe. Slovenia is about the size of Wales, or half the size of Switzerland, and although only about 11 per cent of the land area is covered by high mountains, 90 per cent is higher than 300m above sea level, and the Slovenes proudly count themselves an Alpine nation. The Slovene High Level route runs from Maribor, close by the Austrian border in the north-east of Slovenia, to Ankaran on the Adriatic coast in the south-west, covering 500km of outstanding mountain and upland hiking and trekking. The route described in this guidebook is divided into 12 stages of three to six days each, and the start and finish of each stage can be reached by public transport, meaning you don’t have to backtrack. The stages are of different standards of difficulty – some are accessible any reasonably fit walker, while others require mountaineering experience

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