El Camino de Santiago: A Sinners guide

Rock Publications

EAN: 9781445263892
Editorial: Rock Publications
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ISBN: 978-1-4452-6389-2
Encuadernación: Otros
Edición: 2
Número de páginas: 265


He who is without sin throw the first stone? This is a review of the book.... Although many books have been written on the subject of the Camino de Santiago, I believe that the present is the only one in existence guaranteed to lighten the load of every pilgrim’s heavy backpack. The Sinners Guide is a laugh out loud; laugh a minute essential item for the modern day pilgrim. More like the antics of some of the bawdier characters in Chaucer's Canterbury tales than the pretentious spiritual bilge knocked out about the Camino de Santiago by more 'celebrated' authors, Eddie Rock's book is an honest, entertaining warts-and-all romp as Eddie takes us on a long walk of alcoholic indiscretions, brushes with the law and accidental genital applications of deep heat, all the while providing an entertaining commentary upon his surroundings, while never taking himself too seriously. It makes for a refreshing change from the usual run of Camino fodder, treating the whole thing as some reverential sacred cow!