Iran - Persia: Ancient And Modern


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Iran, or Persia as it was formerly known, hasbeen of interest to outsiders for millennia. Fromthe Greco-Persian wars of antiquity, throughthe rise and flourishing of Islam, to the age ofEuropean imperialist expansion in the East, Iranhas been a central player in global history. Drawnby its strategic location along the Silk Road, ancient and distinctive culture and abundantnatural resources, foreign diplomats, traders andtravelers have been coming to Iran for centuries.The Islamic Revolution of 1979 and subsequentevents put a strain on Iran s relationship with theoutside world, particularlythe West, leading tosanctions and a decline intourism and trade. Yet early in 2016 the Lausanne Accordover Iran s nuclear program, and then nationalelections resulting in greater reformist representation in Iran sParliament have greatly increased the country s attractivenessto outsiders, with travelers and business people once moresetting their sights on Iran.The Guide offers visitors to Iran scholarly and readable introductions to: Zoroaster, Cyrus, Darius & Alexander Shi a Islam, religious art and architecture The complexities of Iran s fraughtrelationship with Israel Persepolis, Pasargdae, Esfahan & Shiraz Ferdowsi, Attar and Hafez Iranian film, food & music UNESCO World Heritage sites 464 pages, 133 color photos 17 easy-to-use maps"

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