The Swiss Alps


EAN: 9781852844653
Editorial: Cicerone
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ISBN: 978-1-85284-465-3
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Edición: 1
Número de páginas: 464
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The Swiss Alps are home to the highest and most spectacular mountains in Western Europe. This stunning guidebook describes each mountain area throughout Switzerland – the peaks, passes, valleys and bases – to help you identify the best destinations to plan your trip. Questions such as ‘Where to walk, climb or ski?’, ‘What multi-day treks are available’ and ‘Where do they go?’, ‘Where are the mountain huts, what are their facilities, which peaks do they serve?’ And where are the most suitable valley bases?’ – all these and more are addressed in detail in this essential guidebook. The Swiss Alps does not give detailed route directions but information is given about all the guides and maps available for every region. The Swiss Alps by Kev Reynolds is the third book in Cicerone’s World Mountain Ranges series, which include The Pyrenees and Scotland.