Through the Italian Alps


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The Grande Traversata delle Alpi is a spectacular 47-day alpine route across the western Italian Alps. Starting a mere stone’s throw from the Mediterranean, the GTA curves its way high over the Piedmont plain traversing the Ligurian, Maritime, Cottian, Graian and Pennine Alps, heading northwards to a brilliant conclusion near the base of Monte Rosa. The sole prerequisites for trekkers are average fitness and a taste for adventure. With approximately 633km (393 miles) distance, 44,000m in ascent (and descent), a low of 295m and a high of 2804m above sea level, and crossing 62 passes, the Grande Traversata delle Alpi entails a full 47 days on the trail. Crossing stunning alpine peaks and monumental landmarks this trail offers breathtaking backgrounds on what is probably Italy’s most rewarding long distance walking route. Arduous mountain passes where the eye gazes over boundless horizons of rugged rock and snowscapes are encountered on a daily basis as well as lush meadows spread with glorious wildflowers in peaceful valleys. To make the planning more manageable, the trek has been divided into four parts, each approximately two-weeks in length. Each is made up of one-day stages, concluding at a village or refuge where accommodation, meals and often transport are available. The trek follows good paths and does not demand special alpine expertise. Nothing more than a decent level of fitness and willpower is required to deal with the lengthy hauls.

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