Walking in Croatia


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From gently sloping forested hills to rugged tops and limestone crags that reach their most spectacular in the massifs known as the Dinaric Alps, Croatia’s mountains offer a landscape of magnificent grandeur in which to roam. Visitors cannot fail to be in awe of the rugged mountains which rise up spectacularly beyond a narrow ribbon of coastal cities and rocky beaches. More significantly they provide a superb, and as yet remarkably unspoilt, arena for the mountain walker or alpinist. This guidebook describes 19 day walks and 7 multi-day treks in all the main hiking areas of Croatia, from the mountains on the coast to those inland as well as taking in several of the islands. The routes vary from 3km easy strolls to strenuous multi-day hut-to-hut mountain treks. The routes are both circular and point-to-point routes, varying in duration from a few hours to a few days. In many (but not all) cases there is scope to shorten or extend routes, bypassing more difficult sections or adding more challenging excursions or alternative routes. They fall into eight main sections: Walks around Zagreb, Walks in Slovania, Walks in Istira, Walks in the coastal ranges or Dinaric Alps, Walks in Velebit, Walks in in Plitvicka jezera and Krka, Walks in Mosor, Kozjack and Biokovo and Walks in the Croatian islands. Each walk in this guidebook has been given a rating (very easy, easy, moderate or difficult). In rating the difficulty of a particular route or stage, a number of factors have been taken into consideration: technical difficulty (in particular whether any scrambling, or the use of fixed pegs and steel cables, is involved); terrain; duration; altitude and the total amount of ascent/descent; clarity of the route/trail; availability of water, huts and shelter. A reasonable level of fitness is required for the walks in the Dinaric Alps, while those on the islands are in general very easy. None of the routes requires any climbing skills or equipment, however, a number do involve a degree of scrambling, although this can be avoided.

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