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Chasing Threads

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Editorial: Chasing Threads
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The new vegan version of our leather Stitch Travel Notebook, in gorgeous tan brown. Stitch where you've been and write about it too! The Stitch-able Travel Notebook is the essential crafty accessory for any globe-trotting adventurer. This unique journal not only allows you to write down all your travel memories, it also lets you record your journeys across this planet with colourful stitches. Sew, where have you been...? The beautiful faux leather cover is printed with the world map, and is specially perforated all over so that it is easy to stitch. Simply add crosses to record your trips by land, air and sea. Containing a removable A5 notebook, the leather cover will evolve as you travel and mark off new destinations in thread. Whether you add simple crosses or get more creative stitching patterns or text, your notebook will be like no-one else's. Showing your unique travels across the planet.

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